The people in the industry who are helping agents market are hired by affiliated businesses – not to actually help agents market, but to bring in more business for themselves.  They do that by creating tools and offering systems that can (and do) help the agents.  But unfortunately those tools are all offered by marketing reps who are not trained in MARKETING.  They are trained to know those TOOLS.

So why does that matter?  Because now we have an industry of Realtors who are managing their marketing by leading with TOOLS.  They throw time, money, effort, and energy into using these tools.  Then they can’t figure out why the tools don’t work.

Here’s why – those tools weren’t included into an OVERALL STRATEGY.  And it’s really no one’s fault – the marketing reps are trained to believe that whatever tool, software, or system that they have to offer is THE answer.  And without an actual marketing background, they buy into it.

The tools themselves DO work, and sometimes agents have success with them.  Which is great for those particular agents, but bad for other agents seeking to create their own success.


There is NO magic bullet in real estate marketing.  No one has figured out the ONE right thing that will make you an overnight success.  Yet that’s still what’s being sold to agents.

The tools and systems that provide success to certain agents do so because of their OVERALL STRATEGY and/or PERSONALITY.

For instance, internet lead generation through platforms like Zillow and Truilia will work for certain agents, but for others they find that they’re throwing money away.  WHY?

Because it’s not enough to pay for the system and think that you’ll be able to sit back and watch your pipeline fill with clients.  The agents who have success with these platforms do so because they have an overall strategy that the leads are placed into.  They have the personality that is successful with working these leads – because where the lead comes from often tells us a lot about the lead themselves.

It’s far more complex than anyone is actively preaching to the agents!


You need an advocate who researches the tools and platforms for you.  But you need more than that!  You need a coach who can help you make sense of it all.  Someone who can help you design a STRATEGY that works for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.  That looks different agent to agent.  And ANYONE who tells you that you can plug into a magic one-size-fits-all strategy is either flat out lying or simply doesn’t know any better.

The REal Marketing IDEA is designed to do exactly that.  I’ll be releasing the IDEA strategy training videos soon.  But until that time, I’m still coaching agents one on one or in group training.  If you want to learn more about what that looks like, contact me and let’s talk.