Events drive business.  I wish I could tell you I coined this phrase, but I didn’t.  People much smarter and more successful than myself have known this for a long time.  I’m smart enough to know that it works, so I add it into any marketing strategy.  And all of my clients – without exception – who have implemented the event strategy that we created specifically for their business have had positive results.

So Event Marketing in Real Estate deserves it’s own section!  It’s the E in IDEA.  If you’re not using events as part of your marketing, you’re missing a key component.

Usually, this is when agents look at me and say something like, “But I don’t have the budget to throw a big event.”  Or “I don’t anything about planning an event.”  Or “I don’t have a big enough database to throw an event.”

The excuses are numurous – and seemingly valid – UNTIL you go through my REal Marketing IDEA Event section.  I promise you’ll change the way you view events – and you’ll thank me for it!

Here’s what we look at in the Event section of the REal Marketing IDEA:

  • Creating events – small OR large – from scratch
  • Being a part of someone else’s events
  • Making the most out of events when you’re just an attendee

We’ll dig into many different types of events, what you can do to maximize them for your business, and how you can truly enhance your real estate business by doing so.