Ever since the rise of social media marketing, many real estate agents have become negligent where Direct Mail Marketing is concerned.  After all, they’ve been taught that social media can reach more people at little to no cost.  Direct Mail Marketing was – in many cases – tossed aside just as quickly as their previous postcards were tossed in the garbage.

Unfortunately, many agents have discovered what a great mistake that move was.  Many top-producing agents lost a great deal of business momentum due to that choice.  They’re now starting to revisit the importance of Direct Mail Marketing.

The difference now is that Direct Mail Marketing can actually become even MORE effective due to the use of Digital Marketing in Real Estate – not less.  Used in the context of your REal Marketing IDEA plan, your direct mail marketing can have more power to generate leads, solidify relationships, and bring added value to the clients and prospects to whom you are mailing.

There are 2 focuses for Direct Mail Marketing for Real Estate that we look at through the REal Marketing IDEA:

  • Geographical Farming
  • Sphere of Influence

Your Direct Mail Marketing pieces and goals will vary based on who you are mailing to, what area you are in, and what larger strategy you are focused on to increase and/or maintain your business.  There is no “one size fits all” strategy when it comes to Direct Mail Marketing in Real Estate.

In the REal Marketing IDEA I help you:

  • Clearly define your goals
  • Identify your market
  • Determine a budget
  • Create content that helps your achieve your goals
  • Schedule your delivery – and stick to it!