women_surfing_the_internet_reading_emailsYour signature line in your email is one of your most valuable marketing opportunities, and there are a lot of ways to convey the important business information that people need in order to connect with you.

Too often, I see professionals use .jpg images as their email signatures.  While they may look fantastic on your computer, they often don’t translate well to cell phones and other mobile devices.

Here’s the thing: 75% of people in the US use email on their smart phone. (Source: Nielsen’s Mobile Consumer Report – Feb. 2013) So if you’re email signature isn’t translating to mobile, that’s a HUGE miss!

So if you ARE using static images on your email signature line, I highly recommend also adding your name and phone number in plain text just above or below the image.  It may SEEM redundant, but trust me…this is a BIG miss if you’re not doing it.

Why is that?

  • If a client or prospect is looking to get a hold of you, you want your name to be indexed and searchable in whatever email client they are using.  If your name is in a static image only, they aren’t going to be able to find you easily.
  • If they need to call you and haven’t saved your information to their contacts yet, make it easy for them!  If they’re searching on their phone, chances are they aren’t somewhere that they are able to take out a pen and write your number down.  If you only have a static image, that’s exactly what they’ll need to do in order to call you…either that or have a photographic memory!
  • If they DO need to call you and you have provided your name and phone number in plain text, they can easily search for you, then simply tap on your phone number.  Their smart phone will then place your number in their dialer, and all they have to do is hit send.  That’s easy, right?  And you want to make it as easy as possible for clients and prospects to reach you!
Personally, I use Gmail for all my communications, so it’s important to have an email app like WiseStamp. WiseStamp gives the best of both worlds:
  • It’s visually appealing, and uses logo icons to link to your social media profiles.
  • The important contact info like your name and phone number are listed in plain text, so it’s easy for your email recipient to search for your name and contact you on the go.
That’s a very quick, down-and-dirty email tip.  But especially if you’re a self-employed professional (like a real estate agent, loan officer, or insurance agent) it’s a tip that makes life easy for your clients and prospects, and helps ensures your phone is the one that rings when they need your services!